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BPCC12特別講演:Paul Chin氏講演概要・略歴









[Dr. Paul Chin Profile]

Dr. Paul Chin serves as CEO and Co-founder of Precoad Inc., an advanced video technology IP solutions provider, since 2004. He also serves asAdvisor for MIT/Stanford Venture Lab since 1999.

Previously, he was an investor, originating the concept for MetaLINCS/Seagate (2003-2007), the leading provider of electronic discovery solutions for e-mail, which was acquired by Seagate in 2007 for $85 million for 6.5x return on investment. As Advisor for BBMF Corporation, the leading provider worldwide of mobile online games and mobile comics, he advised its $55 million corporate restructuring and refinancing, and $1 billion IPO on London Stock Exchange’s AIM. He has also served as top level executive in a number of emerging technology, mergers and acquisition tax recovery, and petroleum hedging and risk management companies.

Earlier in his career, as a student, Dr. Chin worked for the Apollo Mission and Space Shuttle, developing the primary spacecraft’s Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems for earth reentry and landing at the MIT Draper Laboratory, and was the youngest person awarded Apollo Mission Medal on the occasion of the first manned lunar landing.

Dr. Chin received his Ph.D., S.M., and S.B. degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his MBA degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


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