The More Times Change, The More They Don’t

Paul W. Chin
CEO, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Director, Angel
Advisory Board of VLAB

Excerpted from Keynote Speech on cross-Pacific cross-exchange delivered for MIT-EFJ and sponsored by METI at Kyushu University, July, 2006
The initiation of our ambitious cross-Pacific VLab – MIT-EFJ cross-exchange program marked a new era for the long standing relationship between MIT-EFJ and MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLab). This cross- Pacific exchange is a timely program to drive and ride the convergence and collaboration of the key complementary strengths of the regions represented by these two chapters of the MIT Enterprise Forum (MIT-EF) — the Intellectual Capital (IC) (new business models, new formulations), technology, and Intellectual Property (IP) of the Silicon Valley, and the leading world class product and production prowess of Japan. These happen to be precisely the compelling engines to formulate, structure, drive, execute, and grow the innovation, entrepreneurship, and job-creation directives recently espoused by Ambassador John Roos, as well as METI’s recent “The Industrial Structure Vision 2010” release of June, 2010
Thus the relevancy of this cross-Pacific exchange program to stakeholders of the private sector, the public sector, and governments.

The two MIT-EF chapters each sponsor exchange entrepreneurs and innovators to participate in their respective functions, events, and regimen. The general focus of the exchange is on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the entrepreneurial-innovative process, specifically as it relates to and drives sustainable value-creation and the resultant sustainable job-creation in both regions. The specific and unique focus of this particular undertaking is a heavy cross-Pacific Japan – Silicon Valley collaboration orientation that drives and melds the key complementary strengths and advantages of these two regions. The alignment is more case study oriented, centering around plotting and navigating conquer and survival, incorporating combinatorial factors and formulations of new and existing technology, and new strategic, business, marketing, sales, channel, distribution, delivery, production & supply, strategic customer/partnering, structure, system packaging, services, policy, financial & capital, investment & re-investment, management, human resources, operating, and execution models.

The initial Exchange Advisors were appointed — Shinji Ayao from MIT-EFJ and Paul Chin from VLab, and MIT-EFJ Chair Hiro Suzuki and VLab Chair Louise Velazquez — on the occasion of this writer’s Keynote Speech on the subject of this cross-Pacific cross-exchange and his related Strategic Technology Development Center (STDC) delivered for MIT-EFJ and sponsored by METI at Kyushu University, July, 2006.

The writer holds PhD, SM, and SB degrees from MIT, and MBA degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He’s currently engaged in negotiating M&A of his company to a major Korea conglomerate, somewhat in variance with the input and advice of several MIT-EFJers and MIT-EF’s Ken Morse.